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House of Hurd, Realtors "The 'spooks' have been evicted but all the charm remains!"

Here's a real haunted house by Donald Wayne

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A New Look at an Old Legend, Peerless Talk, January 1967

"Millions in Treasure Buried in Henniker? by Deak Morse

NH Profiles, May 1954 pgs. 22-24

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Baby Mascot of the Sea Won a Pirate's Heart

A Ramble in Henniker, First Bank & Trust Co.

Comments and Suggestions on the Cabinet Article (Ramble in Henniker)

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Photo and short article, source unknown

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Handwritten record of the Darling family (from bible)

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Historical Facts versus Legend: A View of Ocean Born Mary by Kathleen Klun

Story of Mary Wilson Wallace, known as Ocean Born Mary with photo of house and wedding dress

"Lass who saved the Brigg" Mary Wilson Wallace

Handwritten 5 page note on history of Ocean Born Mary

School Reading Assignment

Yankee Magazine Article


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