Reading Suggestions for You! MISCHLING MISCHLING By Affinity Konar Reviewed 1/12/17 Every now and then I turn the last page of a book and say “Wow!”  Michael Crummey’s Sweetland was one of those books; Affinity Konar’s Mischling is another.  Instead of having the next read close at hand, I need to sit for a few minutes to let it all

Reading Suggestions for You! – “ When Mischief Came to Town”Recommended by Erin Lngan1/06/2017 Inge Maria’s story begins with a goat on the boat that nibbles off the braid on one side of her head while she sleeps on her way to the Danish island of Bornholm. She arrives disheveled, hungry, and missing her mother terribly (in addition to her one braid). But

Seeking Solitude… Snow Island by Katherine TowlerRecommended by Lynn M. Piotrowicz12/16/2016The isolation and hardship that Towler writes about in Snow Island appeals to this reader, simply because she captures the ruggedness of humanity so succinctly.  Towler’s characters don’t whine, they don’t have a fatalistic attitude; they just pull up their bootstraps or oilskins and proceed with life.   Ever since reading



Tucker Free Library one of fifteen libraries from across the US to be awarded national grant Each library will be represented by a staff member, who will be guided through a training program designed by WebJunction, the learning program of OCLC Research. Participants will apply what they learn to reimagine and reconfigure library space to support socially engaging and active

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