"It is an honor and privilege to work with a board, a staff, and a community that cares so much about their town library. Each person working to make the Tucker Free Library the ABSOLUTELY BEST LIBRARY POSSIBLE!"

Denise Getts

Emerging Technologies Specialist

"Everyone at the Tucker Free is committed to creating a positive experience for each patron that comes in. We show them that we care about them and what they want by greeting everyone and asking if they need help and by listening to what they have to say. This entails knowing our patrons and knowing what we can give them – whether it’s a book, computers, Wi-Fi, technical services, programming, or advice."

Erin Longan

Children & Youth Services Specialist

"I try to help each patron, young or old, in every way that I possibly can. I try to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that each patron is satisfied.”

Lynne Lawrence

Library Associate, Evening Supervisor

“#1 Understand what patrons want (surveys, conversations) #2 Do everything possible to make sure #1 happens (even if it means – gasp – not doing things the way we always have) #3 TFL is special because we are excellent at above."

Joshua Colby

Weekend Supervisor

I try to make the customer feel like this is a friendly and familiar environment. I want my patrons to think of the Tucker Free Library as the only place they would ever want to go for all their future literary needs.

Hugh Russell

Library Assistant

"Many things make the Tucker Free Library special in my eyes, but it is our flawless service staff that really pushes the boundaries of spectacularity over the edge."


Molly Glover

Library Assistant

"TFL is special due to the fact that we are a small town library. Most patrons are regulars and we are able to greet them by name and get to know them in a way that not all libraries can.”

Penny Petkiewicz

Library Substitute

"The primary responsibility of the librarian is to respond to the customer’s needs and events. This philosophy is what makes TFL special. It is responsible stewardship. Our patrons know that what we do here is responsive to the needs of town."

Melina Jackson

Library Page/Substitute

"There are a lot of reasons why I would absolutely love to join the staff...as you know, I have pretty much grown up at the library. I have always considered it a second home. Books, admittedly, dictate my life. I have spent countless nights reading just one more chapter where that leads to finishing the books and ending with 'Yah, there is a sequel! I must read it'."

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